1. Interpretation

Closing Time

The closing time for entries for each Game shall be five (5) minutes before the commencement of the earliest Match on the Match List.

Company Extra Time

The period of play added to the end of a Match which has ended as a draw.


The communication from the Player to the Company predicting firstly the total number of goals that will be scored in the Match by both sides and secondly the Time at which those goals will be scored.


“Goals On Time”; a game wherein a player forecasts the number of goals to be scored in total in the Match and the Time at which each of the goals will be scored within a Window specified by the Company.


The Association Football Match in respect of which the Game is played, which may be a match nominated by the Company or chosen by the Player from a Match List made available by the Company from time to time.

Match List

The list of Association Football Matches shown on the Company’s Website from which the Player may choose a Match or Matches in respect of which to play the Game. Each Match will have an identification number to be used by the Player when entering the Game.


Any person who must be aged over 18 years who enters the Game


The sum of money made up of Stakes from which costs and expenses of running the Game and operating profit are taken and the Winnings are then paid. If a Match is postponed or abandoned, the Stakes paid in respect of that Match will be carried forward and placed in the Pool which applies to that Match when it is (re)-played. Predicted Time(s)The time(s) forecast by the Player.

Real Time(s)

The time(s) at which goal(s) are scored as published in The Times, the Sunday Times or such other publication as the Company may choose in the event of those papers being unavailable.


The money payable to the Company by the Player in order to participate in the Game. The minimum stake for one bet in the Game is £1.00.

Variable Time

Is the difference in whole minutes between the Predicted Time and the Real Time within the parameters set by the Company (e.g. + or – 5 minutes).


The website


The window of time allowed by the Company before and after the Real Time which allows a Predicted Time to be counted for the purpose of winning.


The amount of money payable from the Pool by the Company to the Player who has made a winning Forecast. Where there is more than one winning Forecast, the Winnings shall be divided equally between those Players making those winning Forecasts.
2. How to Play
2.1 In order to participate in the Game, the Player must register his/her details on the Website and pay an initial fee of no less than £10 (ten pounds GBP). Upon registration, the Company will provide the Player with a password which will enable the Player to access and manage the money in his/her account. Provided that the Player’s account is in credit, the Player will be able to place Stakes in order to enter a Game or withdraw funds.
2.2 In order to enter a Game, the Player must predict, firstly, the total number of goals that will be scored by both teams during the specified Match and, secondly, the Time (in minutes, calculated from the start of the Match) at which such goal(s) will be scored. For the avoidance of doubt:-
(i) Forecasts can only be made in minutes from 1 to 90 (or, in a Match where Extra Time may be played, up to 120 minutes);
(ii) any goal scored in time added on to the end of each half of the Match will be deemed to have been scored in the 45th or 90th minutes (or the 105th or 120th minutes if Extra Time is played);
(iii) the second half of the Match begins with the 46th minute;
(iv) goals scored in any penalty shoot out or other similar ways of deciding a Match shall not count for the purposes of the Game either in calculating the number of goals or the Times at which the goals are scored.
3 In order to enter, Players must send their Forecast to the Company by post, telephone, e-mail, text via mobile phone on the numbers or at the addresses set out on the Website, or via such other remote device as the Company may accept from time to time, as set out on the Website.
For the avoidance of doubt, entries will not be accepted by facsimile. All Forecasts must be received no later than the Closing Time.
In the event that any Stakes and/or Forecasts are received after the Closing Time for a Match, such Stakes will be replaced in the Player’s account and the Forecast will not be valid.
The Company does not accept any responsibility for lost, delayed, damaged or incomplete entries due to any reason whatsoever, including (without limitation) postal delays; delays or interruptions in the relevant networks; or loss of or interruption in network coverage. Proof of e-mailing or posting will not be accepted as proof of delivery of the entry.
3. To Win
3.1 If the Player’s Forecast correctly predicts the total number of goals scored in the Match then his entry will proceed to the next phase which is predicting the Real Times of the goals. If the Forecast does not predict the correct number of goals, the entry shall fail and shall not be entered into the next phase even if the Forecast predicts some Real Time(s).
3.2 If the Player’s Forecast predicts the correct number of goals scored and the Real Times of the goals he will be entitled to the Winnings or is. If no Players’ Forecast predicts the Real Times of the goals then the Window will operate and the Player(s) whose Forecast(s) are within the Window will win (share) the Winnings.
3.3 If there is no Winner then the Winnings will be added to the next Pool and so on until there is a Winner.
4. Winnings
4.1 Winnings will be paid by into the Player’s account with the Company within 7 days of the Match date.No Winnings will be paid unless the Player proves his age (over 18) to Company’s satisfaction.
4.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the Company will pay Winnings only to the Player; any claim to a transfer of or share in such Winnings is the responsibility of the Player and the Company will accept no claims from any other part(y)
4.3 The name of the winner and the winning entry will be sent to those persons requesting such information, provided that such request is put in writing, together with a stamped addressed envelope, and is received by the Company within 3 months of the date of the Match.
4.4 In the event of dispute which is not resolved by the Player and the Company the Player will have the right to appeal to the Independent Betting Arbitration Service on the terms of the bet.
4.5 Players accept that if they win, the Company will have the right to use their name, age, town of residence and likeness for the purposes of announcing the winner of the competition and for promotional purposes.
5.Law and Jurisdiction
5.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English Law and shall be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England.
Payment Methods